Octane ProMaterials – Wood Expert 1.0.1 Cinema 4D

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Wood shaders for Octane Render Standalone and Octane for Cinema 4d plugin.

One license is suitable only for one machine. For multiple machines please contact us.

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Downloaded archive file is password protected for security reasons. After completed payment go to “My Account” – > “Orders” – > “View” – there you can find the password and the download links. Do not share the password with anyone. In case of any problems with product/download/payment – use help & support.

Have you ever struggled to create that fine wood looking material? Well struggle no more! Become the Wood Expert.

What is it?

This is a set of fully editable 51 wooden floor materials for Octane Render Standalone and Octane Render Cinema 4D plugin. It also works in every plugin that utilities node type material (i.e. Rhinoceros).

You can find more thorough information about this in my article about wood expert: Wood Expert (opens in new tab)

Have a look at YT video to see it in action:

What is included?

  • 51 ORBX files for Octane Render standalone.
  • 2 lib4d file with 51 presets for Cinema4d. (standard and the update 0.0.1)
  • 128 jpg grayscale 4k seamless files/maps – these maps are also embeded into preset therefore are not needed to start flooring, but you can modify them and create new materials.
  • 1 pdf file – Guide – please read it first, it contains detailed instructions how everything works.
  • 1 pdf file containing copy of Websites terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  • 1 pdf file with coupon code.

How to start?

Materials are ready to use – install them (see pdf guide) and just drag and drop.

Why it is so cool?


With this set of materials you can easily create rich and stunning wooden floors within minutes. You can create almost unlimited presets on your own – every preset is fully accessible and is constructed using nodes in a way that gives you ability to edit or create your own presets and save as new materials, or you can edit the node system for your needs, or create your own, based on texture maps provided with this set.

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Controls are crafted to address most common features that wooden floor has. But it is easy to expand it, modify it or mix it however your node knowledge allows you.

Texture maps are 4k, seamless grayscale maps. Each materials consist of 5 maps. Through those maps each material can have unique Diffuse color, specularity, roughness and bump map.

The shaders are constructed in a way that it is possible to create many unique presets only from one wood map type, and there are 24 different variants of wood type and planks patterns like boards and parquets in different shapes.









To use these presets you must have Octane Render  at least v 3.08.1 (same goes for plugin version), Cinema 4D R19 (earlier versions were not tested – if you have a problem let me know)


Every future update to this product will be permanently available for you to download (and updates are coming).

By buying this you also get a discount coupon code for upcoming product – Start Point – simple metal and simple plastic presets with 203 RAL Classic Palette swatches.


Number of ready presets


Number of wood map types


Download size

642 MB rar archive


Octane Render v 3.08.1+

Wood Patterns

Boards Random, Boards Running Bond, Boards Wide, Parquet Triangles, Parquet Diamonds, Parquet Running Bond, Parquet Hexagonal, Parquet Square Concentric, Parquet Herringbone

Q: Can I use it in commercial work?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use it in personal work?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I sale/share it?
A: No, that violates terms and condition. Redistributing in any form is strictly forbidden.

Q: Can I modify it and sale/share it?
A: No, that violates terms and condition. Redistributing in any form is strictly forbidden.

Q: Can I use it in a scene and sell that scene with the preset used?
A: No, that violates terms and condition. Redistributing in any form is strictly forbidden.

Q: I have multiple machines, can I use it on all of it?
A: Yes, but you have to buy one license for each machine - if this is the case - please contact us.

Q: Does my model need to be UV mapped?
A: No - materials use box mapping - but you can easily change that to UV mapping.

Q: Where can I find password for the file?
A: Read first sentence in the "Description" tab of this product.

Q: What if I forget the password?
A: Read first sentence in the "Description" tab of this product.

Q: Can you send me the password via e-mail?
A: No